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Naslov: Organizational Stressors in the Health Sector
Godina: 2023
Sažetak: Stress at the workplace is an integral part of the business life of almost every employee. Although mild stress can sometimes be considered a stimulus and a predictor of performance, an excessive level/amount of stress can have a negative impact not only on the health and behavior of employees but also on the performance of the organization itself. Therefore, it is an important task of management to recognize key stressors and manage stress well, where the first task is to discover and understand the causes of stress in the workplace, i.e. organizational stressors. The paper presents the results of research on organizational stressors among healthcare workers. The research included 143 healthcare workers from Herzegovina-Neretva County, most of them women, doctors of medicine, employed in primary health care, in public healthcare institutions. The results of the research showed that healthcare professionals recognize all the factors offered as stressors, with work overload, poor organization of work, inadequate work space, and administrative tasks standing out. On the other hand, fears of injuries at work and exposure to cytostatics, as well as conflicts with colleagues, proved to be the least stressful. In addition, the results showed differences in the strength of organizational stressors depending on the characteristics of the respondents, but also the characteristics of the health organizations where the surveyed healthcare professionals work. According to the obtained results, appropriate measures were proposed for managing stress at the workplace in healthcare institutions.
Izdanje: Proceedings of the 94th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development - "The Dark Side of Management and Governance: power, ideology, tensions, and destructive traits" (XI. OFEL)
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