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Naslov: Do Universities Educate Future Managers about Upcoming Technologies?
Godina: 2023
Sažetak: The current business environment is highly volatile, owing to the fast development of ICT, globalization, rapid innovation, short production cycles, and employee mobility. In order to cope and survive in such an environment, companies must master modern technology, collect and analyze data from various sources, and efficiently manage human and technological resources. Since digital technology is an integral part of every industry, managers unfamiliar with IT industry trends and technological advances will struggle to manage their people and projects effectively. Managers today must not only collect data through technology but also use that data to inform business decisions and improve processes. Today and in the future, managers in any industry must stay ahead of technological development to thrive in a constantly changing workplace and competitive landscape. Therefore, the question arises if the universities prepare students, e.g., potential future managers, for working in an unstable business environment and with technologies that are still under development or don't exist yet. The challenge of the twenty-first century is digital transformation, which will undoubtedly significantly impact the education of future managers. Universities should be able to respond appropriately to ICT development and trends in the emerging digital and knowledge society. In order to find out if universities educate students, e.g., potential future managers, about upcoming technologies, the authors developed a questionnaire to investigate students' perceptions of education for new technologies. So, the aim of the presented research is to find out if management students at the University of Mostar are equipped with the necessary knowledge about upcoming technologies to be better prepared for their future management roles.
Izdanje: Proceedings of the 94th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development - "The Dark Side of Management and Governance: power, ideology, tensions, and destructive traits" (XI. OFEL)
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