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Naslov: A Review of Therapeutic Techniques in Work with Children in the Grieving Process
Godina: 2024
Sažetak: Background: Grieving is a life-long process, and children in the grieving process are faced with memories of a loved one, which act as a trigger for emotional reactions that may hinder the grieving process. Most children are able to cope with loss and complete the grieving process with the support of people close to them, however, some grieving children need the help of experts during the grieving process and adjustment to their loss, because they are at risk of developing long-term psychological difficulties. Aims: The aim of this paper is to provide information to experts in the field of mental health on effective counselling and psychotherapeutic methods and techniques, as well as practical guidelines in work with grieving children. Methods: Four databeses were searched on November 1, 2023 for peer-reviewed literature on therapeutic approaches for working with bereaved children. The key search terms were: “Child” OR “Children” OR “Adolescents” AND “Grief” OR “Grieving process” OR “Childhood bereavement” OR “Loss and trauma” OR “Traumatic grief” AND “Therapeutic techniques” OR “Psychotherapy” OR “Counselling” OR “Therapy” OR “Interventions”. The search was conducted in English. Twenty-eight articles/books published up until November 2023 that matched the inclusion requirements were found. Results: Two “category” of psychotherapy approach were identified, namely, evidence-based psychotherapy techniques and creative (expressive) techniques. The psychotherapy techniques are based on individual or group treatment, psycho-education and work with family members and peers. Alongside evidence-based psychotherapy treatments, it is useful to use creative or expressive techniques as a supplement. Conclusion and implications: The effectiveness of psychotherapy and counselling intervention has been proven beyond doubt through a great deal of research, and therefore counselling and psychotherapy should be seen as the first choice in treatment of children in the grieving process. The presented review results could guide clinicians in selectively implementing grief therapy in a way that will be the most helpful to bereaved children, adolescents, and their families.
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Izdanje: Mediterranean Journal of Clinical Psychology
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