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Naslov: Sustainability Reporting and the Professional Accountant in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Godina: 2024
Sažetak: The request of different stakeholders, regarding the publication of the social, economic and environmental effects of companies on society have led to the increasingly frequent publication of this sustainability information by companies. Companies have recognized the benefits that sustainability reporting enables them such as long-term competitive advantage, employee motivation, increased profitability, cost reduction, improved reputation, which in turn can improve competitive advantage, increase profit margins, attract investors and increase the long-term value of the company. In addition to these “good” aspects of sustainability reporting, sustainability reporting brings certain problems to companies. The main problem for the public is the different practice of reporting and the lack of verification that would enable confidence and comparability of this information. However, despite the problems, the inclusion of sustainability reporting in the reporting of business entities is inevitable. In this transformation process, professional accountants have a important role. They are at the center of creating information that is a assumption for making quality sustainable decisions. In this context, the skills and competencies of accountants become a prerequisite for connecting financial and non-financial information and creating quality sustainable reporting. Paper will provide answers on three questions: Firstly, about awareness of sustainability and sustainability reporting in accounting profession in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, then how much is accounting profession familiar with the concept of sustainability and its reporting, and at the end to examine the need for education about sustainability and sustainability reporting among accountants. The provided results were collected through a survey.
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